Where real backpackers are staying…

Where real backpackers are staying…

There’s tons of top 10 lists out there about fancy hostels, cheap hostels, ‘flashpacker’ hostels, ‘best’ hostels…but who writes these articles? We suspect they are the result of good public relations efforts, given to publications that need to fill space…not written by actual backpackers.


So, we’re doing our own list. It’s not a ‘top’ anything..we just asked our staff, who ARE backpackers, what their favorite hostels are and why. Here’s some of the responses:

Seattle: (from Charlena, San Diego downtown)

Green Tortoise Seattle! They have a prime location in downtown Seattle literally across the street from Pike’s Place Market. The hostel itself has a chill vibe with 3 free dinners a week, as well as comfy beds each with a light, a mini fan for warm nights and a curtain divider for privacy.

What not to miss in Seattle:

-For breakfast check out the Crumpet Shop and for a midday snack hit up the Piroshki Piroshki Bakery whether you want something sweet or savory.

-Across the street in Post Alley is the famous gum wall! You’ve got to see it to believe it.

-Get a latte at the flagship Starbucks coffee shop!

-Go to Ballard with your new hostel friends and make a night of it! All the fun bars in this neighborhood make it a great area for a pub crawl.

Budapest: (from Brigit, Operations)

The Backpack Guesthouse in Budapest stands out to me. A small place run by a Hungarian backpacker that had traveled the world, and recommended to me by word of mouth back in the day while traveling through Eastern Europe. There was always a fun crowd, and I ended up staying there 3 times, for almost a month if you add it all up. It had everything a traveler would want, and always felt like a home away from home. (see photos below)

Sydney: (from Alessandro, San Diego downtown)

Easy for me to pick…It would be Noah’s Backpackers in Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW

Maybe because it was the first hostel I ever stayed in, or for the location overlooking the stretch of sand, but I loved the vibe within. Decent sized common area full of nationalities, noisy to the right level, and although there weren`t any house activities offered at the time, I enjoyed every bit of my time spent there. No limits to the length of the stay, and a spontaneous party almost every night. There was a dive bar inside, but the real fun happened in the lounge area.  The surf was only steps away, and the main road of Bondi, where the hostel was located, offered bars, clubs, food, and crazy interesting people willing to amuse the passerby. Going to sleep every night with a different adventure in mind for the following day seemed to be the norm, and feeling free never felt so easy.

Montreal (from Maria, Operations)

I’ve loved hostels the world over, but a new favorite is the M Hostel in what is called Gay Village (really). It’s in a great location just steps from a ton of restaurants, shopping and bars and is run by the friendliest staff. Every time you come in the door they cheerfully say hello and ask you how your day was. And their bar rocks! Really eclectically designed, it’s cozy but spacious, has cheap drinks served by cool staff and has something for everyone. From a ‘chill out’ couch area, to the man cave sports watching theatre to the pool table, you’re bound to find someone to swap stories with. No wonder they got the top Hostelworld award for North America for 2015.

Of course in the end, we love OUR hostels best, but that would be rather self serving now wouldn’t it…

Share your favorite hostels with us at marketing@usahostels.com and we may share your comments on our facebook pages or in a future blog post.

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