Maybe it’s because we were the first USA Hostel, or because we’re the smallest. Maybe it’s because we’re all so fine looking, but everyone with USA Hostels seems to have a soft spot in their heart for San Diego. (We think once you meet us you will, too.)

Opened in January 1994, USA Hostels San Diego moved to our current home just a year later. Built when mining was bringing settlers to the new town of San Diego, the upstairs floors of our historic location originally housed a brothel and later a children’s home. Wyatt Earp (of Dodge City fame) was among those attracted to the city by mining and the related businesses that developed. Earp actually operated four bars and gambling houses in what is now the Gaslamp Quarter and, considering his reputation for womanizing, it’s likely he came to know our building quite well…for the brothel part not the children part, of course!

Some of the staff and guests think more than one of the building’s former occupants may still be around. Haunted or no, we do have a scarily good time here at USA Hostels San Diego. It seems like if there isn’t a party going on in the city, there’s always someone playing a guitar in the lounge – singing along with bunch of people they didn’t know 10 minutes earlier – to a song they all know most of the words to.

  • Charlena



    Born and raised in south San Diego, Charlena grew up the youngest of 5 girls, to a mother who already had the car in reverse before anyone could even finish saying the word “road trip“...

  • Andrew

    Assistant Manager


    Andrew began his life skateboarding straight out of the womb and it wasn’t long before he became known as the enfant terrible of New Jersey. Growing up underneath the Jersey Shore Boardwalk may have left other children scarred for life...


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