We’re the newest, most colorful addition to the USA Hostels family, but we have a long and storied history in the hosteling world. Operating for the past 20 years as San Diego’s Ocean Beach International (OBI) Hostel we were known for our nearly beachfront location (just 2 blocks away), our laid-back attitude and spacious party-ready patio.

USA Hostels purchased OBI in August 2014 and has been sparing no expense to refresh the hostel including rooms, bathrooms and expansive patio while holding true to its psychedelic past. Painted in a neon kaleidoscope of colors, there’s no way to miss this hostel when you approach it. As if the crazy mural wasn’t enough, we also have a giant peace sign on the roof.

The peace sign has its own story…

On Memorial Day weekend, 2006, a small group of long-time locals -calling themselves “Peace Rockers” – installed a stunning stained-glass Peace Sign atop the magnificent rock off the shores of Sunset Cliffs. Two more peace signs were installed in Santa Cruz and Carmel but neither remained in place long. No political statement was ever intended by the design. Rather, the Peace Rockers hoped the Sign would inspire a continual contemplation on tolerance, on harmony, and on the desire of all people for an end to violence.

Regrettably, the sign was removed by persons unknown in the middle of the night in January of 2008, and was never returned.  After the loss of the other two installations, the Peace Rockers worked anonymously with the hostel’s former owner to recreate the original and install it atop the hostel where it’s been since New Year’s Eve Day 2008.

Hopefully all who stay with us value the symbolism of the peace sign and take time during their visit to get to know folks from other countries and walks of life in an effort to increase understanding and ultimately, a peaceful world.

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    The name’s Julie and she comes from one of the toughest towns in the US of A. That’s right buddy, BEANTOWN, Boston, where they pahk theih cahrs in Hahvuhd Yahd...

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    Assistant Manager


    Lee, better known as LC grew up on the Rock River in Illinois surrounded by corn and John Deere hats for miles. Luckily for LC their parents are hippies so their summers were spent on a pontoon boat listening to 70’s hits...


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