Following are the answers to the most frequently asked questions that apply to all our hostels. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here, then click on the individual hostel link to get the answers to questions specific to that hostel.








Do you have check-in requirements?

We run our hostels in order to serve international and domestic budget-conscious travelers.We welcome guests from everywhere outside of the county in which the hostel is located. At check in, international guests must present a valid passport. US residents must present valid government issued identification (ie: drivers license, state id card, passport). Guests may also be asked to present proof of onward travel. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. Guests under 16 permitted only in private rooms unless an entire dorm is rented. Parents with young children must contact the hostel prior to booking.Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate locals or relocaters, because we know they have many other accommodation options. That said, if we were about following all of the rules all of the time, we wouldn’t be working at a hostel. If you feel like you actually fit into our target group even though you are from the local area, and are travelling with friends, (not relocating) , please contact us and we’ll see if we can make an exception.

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What is a hostel anyway?

Traditionally, hostels offer affordable accommodations for people traveling internationally on a tight budget. Accommodation is usually in dorm rooms, which may have a bath in the room or down the hall. While hostels are a cheaper alternative to hotels that’s not the only reason travelers, especially young travelers, have been using them for years.

Hostelling is a great way to meet other travellers and learn about the places you’re visiting from people who have already been there. Beyond that, as hostels are becoming more popular, they are varying more and more. At USA Hostels we have both dorm and private rooms, include bed linens and daily breakfast in the cost of your stay, and do not have curfews. For more specifics about hostelling with us, keep reading!

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Can I bring children?

We do not recommend young children stay in our hostels as they tend to have a more adult atmosphere and we allow our guests to bring alcohol into the hostel. We do not have cribs, nor can parents share beds with children per city occupancy regulations. Each person needs to have their own bed. Guests under 16 cannot stay in our San Diego or San Francisco locations, unless they have a parent/chaperone, and guests under 18 are not allowed to stay in our Hollywood and Ocean Beach locations.

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Can I be in a room with my friends?

We try our best to put friends traveling together in the same room. However, sometimes due to booking patterns and availability this is not always possible. In cases where we have to split groups we try to get at least 2 people together in a room. Please contact us the hostel directly to make a special request to try to assure being in the same room.

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Do your prices include taxes and breakfast?

Yes! Our prices include a breakfast of fresh fruit, oatmeal, a variety of bread choices, juice, and coffee and tea all day. Bed linens are also included and towels are available on request.
Taxes are not included. The local tax rate for each hostel is located in the Terms and Conditions section when booking a bed and also on the hostel’s first information page.

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Do you have lockers in the rooms? Are they large enough for my luggage?

We have lockers in all of our dorm rooms big enough for a large backpack and measure 37.5 inches tall by 14.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep (95.25 x 36.8 x 41.9 cm).In addition, each has a powerpoint inside so you can charge up your cell phone or laptop securely. The lockers are free but you need to use your own lock. If you don’t have a lock you can purchase one at our reception desk.

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How are economy rooms different from other rooms?

Economy rooms have all the same amenities as their regularly-priced counterparts, but since they are located in higher traffic, noisier areas of the hostel, they are discounted.These rooms are best for late night partyers and heavy sleepers.

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Is there a curfew?

No! We aren’t keeping tabs on you – you can stay out experiencing the nightlife until the wee hours, but we ask that you are quiet when you return and not disturb other guests.

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Can I bring visitors into the hostel?

You are welcome to visit with friends in the lobby of our hostels (or in Hollywood, on the patio). Visitors are not allowed beyond the reception and lobby areas. This is for the security of all our guests who expect we can identify everyone in our building and provide a secure environment. Please understand there are no exceptions to this rule and we’ll be happy to point out several coffee shops, bars and restaurants you can take your visitors to.

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Can I check in early?

The check in time for dorms and privates is 3 pm at all locations, but if a bed or room is available and cleaned, we are happy to check you in earlier. Please keep in mind that check out is 1o am (San Francisco and Hollywood) and 11 am (San Diego and Ocean Beach) so we cannot guarantee you that a bed or room will be available earlier than the posted check in time. If you arrive early and your accommodation is not available, you can leave your gear in our storage for free, help yourself to our free breakfast and grab a shower if you wish!

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Can I get a top or bottom bunk ahead of time?

We don’t assign beds here at USA Hostels. All beds are on a first come basis. However, feel free to switch bunks if someone checks out. If you have a restriction that requires you to have a bottom bunk, please tell our receptionists at check in and they will try to help you out with this.

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What can I do with my gear after checkout?

You can store your luggage in our day storage for free after checking out. Just be sure to pick it up before 10 pm.

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Do I need a membership to stay at your hostels?

No membership is required to stay at our hostels.

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I want to send a package to the hostel, what do I need to do to make sure I get it?

Please make sure the person addressing the package puts:Please Hold For: (Your name) Arrival Date: (Date you are arriving) Please note that we do not take responsibility for any mail or packages sent to us, even if we sign for it. All items sent are at your own risk.

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Are the private room prices by the person or the room?

Private room prices are listed by the room. So if you are one person or two people it is the same price. Our private rooms cannot sleep more than two people except in the San Diego location which has one room that can sleep three.

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What time is check out?

Check out in San Francisco and Hollywood are at 10 am. San Diego and Ocean Beach have an 11 am check out.

Late check outs may be charged for an extra night.

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What time is check in?

Check in starts at 3 pm for all of our locations.  If you arrive before the scheduled check in time we can store your luggage for you free of charge until your room becomes available.

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Is there somewhere secure I can charge up my laptop/camera/cell phone?

Yes! We have installed power points inside our guest lockers at all our locations. Be sure to lock your electronics inside the locker to secure them. If you don’t have your own lock, you can buy one at reception.

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Should I bring a sleeping bag or other linens?

No! We provide linens, a blanket and a pillow. We also have bath towels available for a small fee. We actually do not allow sleeping bags in the rooms.

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Do you give student discounts?

You can get $1 off per night if you have one of the following cards: ISIC, IYTC, VIP, or Nomads.

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Do you have wireless internet?

Yes, we do! If you’re traveling with a laptop, IPAD, smart phone or anything else that hooks up to wireless you can connect to our network for free!

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What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made before 6:00 p.m. the day prior to your day of arrival. If you do not show up for your reservation, or you cancel after this time, your credit card will be charged for each bed or private room reserved for the first night of your booking.

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