Ocean Beach Manager


The name’s Julie and she comes from one of the toughest towns in the US of A. That’s right buddy, BEANTOWN, Boston, where they pahk theih cahrs in Hahvuhd Yahd. After finishing up her double major in aquatic dancing and hydroponics, she decided that she had been stuck on the same chapter of the book called “My Life” and needed to get the heck out of dodge.

This impulse shot her from the temperamental weather of Massachusetts to one of the coolest countries this world’s ever seen, Thailand! Julie spent 3 years teaching English to children in the forest with only a lantern, three canteens, a lifetime supply of erasers, and an etch-a-sketch. Needless to say, it was simple. She traveled so hard that she almost forgot what soft was.

In the two years after that she spent hitchhiking from Thailand to England, she was strung out on epic scenes of nature, an incredible variety of cultures, as well as a slew of people whom have forever changed her life. At the end of the road she felt just a bit homesick. When she flew back over the pond she still wasn’t quite ready to settle, so she hitched around the US for a bit and stayed with some super fun Mormon’s on their farm where she picked wild mushrooms and picked up horse poop.

Ultimately, it was sunny San Diego and its cozy hippie commune known as Ocean Beach that eventually won her heart. It was here she began her greatest adventure of all, MANAGING ONE OF THE RADDEST HOSTELS IN THE WORLD!