San Diego Manager


Born and raised in south San Diego, Charlena grew up the youngest of 5 girls, to a mother who already had the car in reverse before anyone could even finish saying the word “road trip“. Instead of attending the rather mundane (albeit required) kindergarten classes , she attended her grandmother’s weekly ”ladie’s day“. Here she honed her cooking, sewing and crocheting skills with a group of 70 year old women. Her table etiquette is absolutely mahhhvelous.

Charlena’s greatest dream since childhood was to be a professional racewalker and win gold at the Olympics. In 2008 Beijing this goal was attained. Upon returning home she realized she needed another goal to strive after, and this is how she found herself to be the youngest female to walk the entire continental US border. It was on this trip that Charlena fell in love with hostel and the hostel life.

It was fate to find an open position at USA Hostels right in the heart of downtown San Diego. You can find Charlena at the front desk with a warm welcome to America’s finest city!