Brigit Nickol

Chief Revenue Officer – USA Hostels, Inc.


Brigit comes to USA Hostels from the little-understood world of horseracing. After 12 years as a horse jockey, she found herself longing to be on the other side of the fence. Brigit saw all of the gambling, drinking and excitement that the “regular” people seemed to enjoy on a daily basis and made the decision to leave the jockey lifestyle behind. She quickly pawned her trophies and blue ribbons for cold, hard cash and began her new life of hedonism. After a few years of beaches and booze, Brigit found herself in San Francisco and was immediately drawn to the wild side of USA Hostels. She manages to keep the hostel staff at all the hostels in check with the use of her old horse whip. And she now has an I-Phone app that lets her punish misbehaving staff remotely.